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Loan Policy

The loan period that applies for various categories of users are as follows:

  • Students for one month
  • Faculty and administrative Staff for three months

  • Videos cassettes, CD-ROMs circulate for two days and patrons are allowed one video cassette and they may be renewed for an additional two days by bringing the items into the Library

The maximum number of books in any period that a borrower may have on a loan (at a time) are as follows:

  • Students may have up to 5 items
  • Faculty may have up to 10 items
  • Administrative Staff may have up to 3 items
  • Any checked out books should be returned to the library issue desk at the end of the due date
  • The loan period and number of items which may be borrowed as specified by the circulation policy may be extended under exceptional circumstances

Loan Recall

  • The library collection is a shared collection owned by the institute. Hence, all materials are subjected to recall or request
  • A recall and request services are available to all the library members irrespective of categories
  • Recalls will be made independent of the category of borrower
  • After completion of 15 days any users are liable for the recall of the item
  • Patrons will be notified, when the requested or recalled item has arrived and will have 2 days to pick upthe item before it is re-shelved or issued to the next in line
  • Failure to receive a recall notice (due to travel, illness, or problems with mail delivery) does not excuse users from paying recall fines