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Lost, Damaged and Disfigured

  • Borrowers shall be held responsible for any loss, damage and disfigurement to the material under their care and shall be required to pay full cost of replacemnt or repairement of the material.
  • A processing charge of Nu.100.00 per item will be charged for loss and damage of materials.
  • Patron should point out any noticeable damage to books before checking them out.
  • Borrowers who return library books that are damaged will be imposed a service charge based on the cost of repairing the item, and if the book cannot be repaired, the "Lost Item" replacement charge will apply.
  • Destroy of pages from a book or magazine will also be considered as theft.
  • If the library identifies a student as having stolen or mutilated a journal or book, she/he will be billed for the cost of a single issue of that periodical or book.

Fines and Charges

  • To promote prompt return and maximum sharing of the library resources, the library charges fines and fees for the lost and damage of materials.
  • The material is presumed as lost if it is not returned by the due date and is charged a replacement cost, plus an administration charges as per the rule.
  • Trainees who do not settle their library fines and return all their loans at the end of due date may result in suspension of borrowing privileges and will inform the administration for action.
  • Patrons will be charged Nu: 5 per day after the last return due date.
  • All outstanding library replacement charges and library fines will be sent to the Institute's finance section at the end of the financial year.