Father of Italian Butterfly House, Dr. Enzo Moretto and His Team Visited UWICE

Dr. Enzo Moretto, a Scientific Director of the Butterfly Arc in Padua, Italy and his team visited the Institute on 27th September, 2013. The team was warmly welcomed by the Director and faculty members of the Institute at the Hall of Commons. [Read More...]

Talk on Contribution to High Asia Runoff from Ice and Snow

Dr. Mark Williams, Professor at the University of Colorado and coordinator, Contribution to High Asia Runoff Ice & Snow (CHARIS) Project, visited the Institute and gave a talk on aims and objectives of CHARIS to the faculty members of the Institute. [Read More...]

A Team of Young Ambassadors of Change (YAC) at UWICE

A team of Young Ambassadors of Change (YAC) from the School of Early Learning Centre, Thimphu, visited the Institute on the evening of 19th September 2013 led by their Principal Deki Choden.  The Team was on their way back after visiting their partner Schools in eastern parts of Bhutan. [Read More...]

Zhiwai Jinsey Rimdro at UWICE

A day long Zhiwai Jingsey (Fire Offering) was performed ­­at the courtyard of the Institute presided over by the Venerable Lam Neten (Trongsa) yesterday. Zhiwai Jingsey was conducted for the well being of the Institute, Staff and all sentient beings. [Read More...]