Students from Gangphey Community Primary School visited NSC, Khebeythang

11 students with 3 teachers from Gangphey Community Primary School, Phobjikha, visited the Nature Study Center as part of their outdoor environmental education programs. While at the center, we took an opportunity to expose students to nature and develop life skills through team building and nature-based fun activities. Team building and creativity, Bird watching, learning to recognize plant and animal signs in the environment, and estimating tree age from an exposed stump were some of the fun activities the student enjoyed most. [Read More...]

Training on Social Survey

One of the programs at the institute these days is training on conducting social surveys. Ten officials - from Trasigang and Tsirang forests division; and the institute are attending five days of training on the subject. The training is being conducted with the objective to introduce various data generation techniques in social science: questionnaire survey; semi-structured interview; in-depth interview; and focus group discussion. [Read More...]

UNDP-Bhutan at Nature Study Sub-Center, Khebeythang

UNDP-Bhutan is conducting 3-day retreat workshop at Nature Study Sub Center, Khebeythang from October 1, 2019- October 3, 2019. The Resident Representative and Deputy Resident Representative with 27 staff are at the center for annual office planning retreat. [Read More...]

“Elf Camp” Training of Trainers for the Boot Camp in Wildlife Study Design and Data Analysis

UWICER in collaboration with the Biological Conservation Society Sarawak, Malaysia is currently organizing an “Elf Camp” Training of Trainers for the Boot Camp in Wildlife Study Design and Data Analysis. It started yesterday and will end on the 22ndof September. 7 participants from Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar and Singapore are currently attending the ToT. Few participants will also stay back to help with the Boot Camp which starts from 25thSeptember. [Read More...]

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