Education and Capacity Building is one of the 4 major sections in the Institute mandated to provide all training, education and capacity building related matters within the purview of forest science and technology, water and climate, conservation biology and forest geomatics.

This section caters to both National and International scholars by way of providing tailor made courses addressing burning issues facing the world, seminars, workshops, boot camps, meetings, awareness campaigns and hordes of other training programmes.

Chiefly, the section looks after training of future foresters undergoing National Certificate 2 and National Certificate 3 courses.

UWICER provides 2 years training for students undertaking NC2 and NC3 courses both within and off the campus. This course encompass plethora of conservation, environment and forestry subjects including field botany, GIS, wildlife, ecology, statistics, entrepreneurial skills, etiquette, forest laws, research methodologies, uniform drill and field practical works.

Those with NC2 and NC3 can later enroll into Diploma 5B certificate and then to Bachelor degrees in wider range of International universities.

The minimum qualification of Class X pass with 50% cut of marks for all the major subjects is required to be eligible to undertake the two-year certificate course.

Under Student Agriculture Programme, the Institute has apiculture, mushroom farm, poultry and kitchen garden equipped with harsh winter offsetting technology.

We hold short courses and host tailor-made trainings and seminars from time to time. Any upcoming event will be updated in the website.

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