I have a double diploma in Environmental Science and Management (2012-2013) from Central TAFE, Western Australia and in General Forestry (1997-2000) from Natural Resources Training Institute (CNR), Lobesa, Bhutan. I have also successfully completed several certificate courses on designing and facilitating multi-stakeholder partnership for gender and youth sensitive food security (Bangalore, India), Landscape leadership: Conflicts and Collaboration in Forested Landscapes(RECOFTC, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand), Competing claims on natural resources (Netherlands)  and is also a core member in the training of Trainers in Silviculture, Bhutan.

I have a huge experience working with the Divisional Forest Office, where I have worked very closely with the rural communities encouraging local peoples' participation in management of natural resources and social forestry program (including private forestry, community forestry and common forest resource management) as a part of the decentralization process. I also worked as a data manager and basic GIS focal person in district forest office.

Currently, I work as a coordinator for Agro forestry activities at the UWICER-Thimphu. I work in close collaboration with local communities in exploring climate smart land use options to improve the rural livelihoods. These are done through creation of more resilient landscapes such as Sustainable Land Management approaches and technologies, primarily relying on the use of trees and other methods to increase carbon stocks, embedded participatory planning processes, etc.

I am also a member of silvicultural expert group and serves as a task force member to fine tune and finalize the Silviculture Field Manual book, 2016 for both in conifer and broadleaved forest of Bhutan