This is Rinchen Wangchuk and I am currently enrolled as a Graduate Assistant at Tarleton State University located in the city of Stephenville, Texas, USA pursuing my M.Sc. in Agriculture and Natural Resource Science. I have an undergraduate degree in Forestry studied at the Dolphin (PG) Institute of Bio-Medical and Natural Sciences in Dehradun, affiliated to H.N.B. Garhwal University, Srinagar under Uttarakhand, India (2008-2012) and completed RCSC the same year. I have a 3 years Diploma in Forestry from Natural Resources Training Institute the then College of Natural Resources in Lobesa (1997-2000). Thereafter, I joined the Department of Forest and Park Services and served almost my entire service for almost 12 years in the field of in-situ conservation of protected areas at Phrumsengla National Park
(PNP). Then I immersed in the conservation research at UWICER since the year beginning of 2016 till August of 2017 joining the global scientific fraternity in Bhutan.

Following are some of the accomplishments as part of my civil service tenure till date;
1. Thesis on the status and threats of Musk Deer conservation in TNP/PNP.
2. Initiated the Chiwog Community Conservation as an Insurance scheme for mitigating human wildlife conflict in the park.
3. Coordinated the Rapid Biodiversity Assessment of the Eco-life project component along the Chamkharchu Basin.
4. Coordinated the park level Bhutan METT+ for PNP
5. Led the field implementation of the Hornbill Project in close collaboration with UWICE and PNP
6. Currently nominated as one of the Task Force member for Musk Deer Conservation in Bhutan

Here onwards I am planning to do some studies related to spirituality and environmental conservation.