Third Batch Nature Guide Training starts at UWICER

The Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment Research (UWICER), Lamai Goempa, Bumthang, in collaboration with the Department of Technical Education (DoTE), Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR), is conducting a two-month nature guide training for 40 culture and trekking guides (36 male and 4 female) under the Skill Development Plan. The Institute has trained 65 nature guides in two batches so far, and this is the 3rd batch of the nature guide training being conducted at the Institute under MoLHR funding support.

The objective of the training is to enhance both knowledge and skills of culture and trekking guides in providing highly professionalized nature guiding services in the tourism sectors. The participants will undergo a rigorous 2 months of training, which will include carrying out tour planning, nature tour and post nature tour activities as per the national competency standards and curriculum for nature guide training. The courses have been accredited and validated by the Department of Occupational Standards (DOS) and DoTE of the MoLHR. The tutors for the course are competent professionals at the Institute with lots of field experiences, knowledge and skills in their own fields of study.

The 2-month long nature guide training for 3rd batch was formally opened in a simple yet graceful congregation of officials from DoTE, MoLHR and UWICER, with the Institute Head as the Chief Guest on 20th October 2021 at the Institute's Madanjeet conference hall.

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