Training on Human Wildlife Interaction

A training on human wildlife interaction (HWI) was conducted by the institute in collaboration with the Nature Conservation Division of the Department of Forests and Park Services at Zhingkham Resort, Punakha from 22 to 25 March 2021. The training course was attended by 31 forestry officials from different field offices representing territorial forest divisions and parks.

This training was custom designed objectively to provide know-how on assessing evidential signs and symptoms in the field as regard human wildlife interactions. The nation has experienced unprecedented livestock depredation incidents and is a need of the hour in the country. The course covered subject such as concept and principles behind HWI, current status of HWI, predation and predatory behavior, various assessment tips in the field such as predation trails, field evidences such as tracks and dropping. The participants were educated on zoonotic diseases and its prevalence in our environment and various standard operating procedures regarding the wildlife diseases and rescue activities.

The training was funded through Bhutan For Life project.

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