Ugyen Tshering
B.Sc Forestry

How have they benefitted from the studies at these Institutions

First of all I would like to thank Madanjeet for providing me scholarship. I am also thankful to UWICE for the management of this fund. The benefits that I gained from the studies at these Institutions are indicated below:

  • The study at CNR has been beneficial in terms of upgrading my professional knowledge.
  • I have learnt lot of new things that would help manage forest and biodiversity efficiently than ever.
  • I have become competent to conduct research which I was not prior to joining this college.
  • My analytical skills have improved and be able to make appropriate decision for forest management in Bhutan

How would their studies help them to promote regional cooperation.

The scholarship provides students from the SAARC countries. So the interaction among the students from different countries of the region provide platform for people to people contact. We share issues and common interest of the respective countries and discuss possible solutions to the problems through regional cooperation. The recipients of the scholarship organized get- together regularly and exchanged our views.

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