Sonam Wangchuk
B.Sc Forestry

How have you benefitted from the studies at these Institution

We are very fortunate for being able to take up this undergraduate program at this institute (CNR) with the support from UWICE under the Madanjeet scholarship. Firstly since the studies is undertaking at CNR which was our mother institute, we were very familiar with the most of the lecturers and the staff which made our study environment conducive. Secondly as we need not have to go outside country, it has really reduced our stress relating to domestic problems which would otherwise might have been problematic since we already have our own family to be looked after. So since the study is in Bhutan itself we don’t need to take extra burden for family whereby we could pay full attention for the studies which we intended for. Moreover since the modules which we are being taught is in our Bhutanese context related to field practicality, I find the course very informative and interesting as we could relate our past field experiences, where we went wrong and what types of mistakes we made. So the present course which we are taking is immensely benefiting us and I am sure as a future conservationist at the grass-hood level, we would be able to bring some changes pertaining to sustainable conservation and management of our natural resources.

How would your studies help to promote regional cooperation?

Due to cross cultural study program, we get to know many new friends including friends from other countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Srilanka, where they stay in the same hostels sharing some common facilities like kitchen, hostel rooms and classrooms. There we get to interact with each other and share some information relating to our own traditional custom, which would build and promote regional cooperation at the community level and slowly expand to the large areas.

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