Farshad Alam Chowdhury
B.Sc Forestry

The education in CNR in collaboration with UWICE under the Madanjeet Scholarship has helped me to learn and educate myself not only in my field but also has enriched me socially and culturally. With education in Bangladesh and higher education in Bhutan I am now aware of a diverse variety of trees and organisms found in the plains as well as in the mountainous ecosystem not only theoretically but also in practical. Also a big achievement is on gaining expertise on dendrochronology, research skills, non-timber products and academic English which are very much required to excel in any field of life. Last but most importantly I have learnt lessons of harmonious existence, kindness, care and love the people of Bhutan have for each other and for us. Such friendly and cooperative people with such a humble gesture are so rare to be found on this earth.

I am highly indebted to SAF for giving me the chance to spend my valuable 2 years of under-graduation with such good peoples and our college faculty to whom my indebted cannot be expressed neither through words nor expression.

As said above I have learnt a lot about Bhutan, its ecology and its socio-economic and rich cultural diversity and I think this cross-cultural education can help both the countries people to better understand each other and their problems and happiness and they can collaborate with each other to solve various problems mutually and to bring forth a symbiotic relationship where each country can help to unleash the other countries potential to its fullest.

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