AKM Arifur Rahman
B.Sc Sustainable Development

How have you benefitted from the studies at these Institution:

In CNR, I am studying B.Sc. Sustainable Development. We all know that sustainable development is one of the issues in the present world. We also know that after 2015 UN will be focus more on sustainable development. So that, I think I got a very good opportunity. My study subject is multi-disciplinary so I am learning lots of thing which will help me a lot in the future as a development practitioner. I am very thankful to SAF and my respective teachers in CNR and also thankful to UWICE for helping me because we are foreigner here and they helped a lot for getting adopted here and also gave me chance to study here.

How would your studies help to promote regional cooperation:

Due to cross cultural study program, I get to know many new things from my Bhutanese friends and including friends from other countries like India, Nepal and Srilanka. So most of the times we used to share our thoughts and other things. We have very good relationship each other. So I thnk its very good opportunity to know other people and their culture and my studies create this scope for me.

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