UNDP-Bhutan at Nature Study Sub-Center, Khebeythang

UNDP-Bhutan is conducting 3-day retreat workshop at Nature Study Sub Center, Khebeythang from October 1, 2019- October 3, 2019. The Resident Representative and Deputy Resident Representative with 27 staff are at the center for annual office planning retreat.

“Close to nature and in the midst of the forests, the center has no network connectivity, which we found to be an ideal place to focus on the task with no outside distractions,” said Azusa Kubota, Resident Representative.

“The place is calm and close to the nature; it disconnects from the city life and can have more self-reflection. Such a place is more appropriate for retreat and other important meeting”, said Mr. Juergen Nagler, Deputy Resident Representative.

Nature Study Sub-Center is highly honored to welcome the UNDP team, and we remain highly grateful to them for choosing our center as a place for such important meeting. We welcome more similar meetings in the near future.

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