The Bhutan Foundation visit UWICER

A team from Bhutan Foundation led by Ms. Rosemary Phelan, the co-founder and the board member of Bhutan Foundation, visited UWICER. A brief update on UWICER activities and Himalayan Environmental Rhythm Observation and Evaluation System (HEROES) project's status was presented to the visiting members.

As part of their program, the team also visited Jakar Higher Secondary School; the school that has been implementing HEROES since 2015. An interactive session was held among students and the visiting team. The post session is followed by a visit to weather station and plants under observation within the school campus.

While HEROES plays a important role in educating students on climate change impact on biodiversity and society, it also generates data that could be used for framing strategic adaptation measures to address the impact of climate change on biodiversity. Also, HEROES is unique in a way that it address both climate change and its impact study in one locality; the school backyard. Therefore, it is also aptly known as Backyard Climate Science Laboratory. As of today, 21 schools across the country are involved in HEROES. Every day, the member students visit the selected plant and observe them closely to identify any changes or transition in their lifecycle.

HEROES is in its fifth year of its implementation. And it's generously supported by Karuna Foundation through Bhutan Foundation.