The UWICER Friday Seminar Series

The Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environmental Research, Lamai-Goempa has started the UWICER Friday seminar series from 2 nd March 2018 with inaugural talk by Khenpo Losela of Kharchu Dratshang on “Introduction to Buddhism”.

The seminar will be hosted every working Friday from 4.00 PM to 5.00 PM with speakers from both within and outside Bhutan and visiting international experts at the institute giving talks on diverse topics and themes covering science, culture, religion, and tradition.

The objectives of the UWICER Friday seminars are:

  • to share information from a range of multi-disciplinary field which sheds light on the confusing questions
  • to showcase cutting edge research on education and culture from outstanding academic researchers from Bhutan and internationally
  • to bring together and develop linkages between participants from different disciplines and stakeholders
  • to encourage and support the participation of certificate trainees (young mind) in learning and thinking

Therefore, we invite everyone to take part as participants or speakers at the UWICER Friday Seminar. If anyone wants to make presentation at the seminar, please register with Education and Capacity Building Section by calling @ 631597 /or M # 17772180.