A silent yet dedicated civil servant superannuates

Mr Chandra Bahadur Rai, resigned as Deputy Chief Forestry Officer from NWFP and Agroforestry Technology Sub-Centre, UWICER Darla in February 2018. He joined as Forest Ranger on 9th May 1983 after completing Diploma in Forestry from Eastern Forest Ranger College, West Bengal, India.  During his service period of 34 years and 8 months, he worked in different positions and offices of Gedu Logging Division, Working Plan Division (now FRMD), RNR RC Yusipang, RNR RDC Wengkhar, RNR RD Sub-Center Darla and UWICER Darla.

He has worked as a researcher for all the offices, except the Gedu Logging Division of the department. He is the pioneer researcher who established and studied the permanent sample plots; long term-monitoring plots to understand the forest dynamics in the Gedu forests since 1985. His has contributed immensely to different research themes of natural regeneration, forest tree growth, tree provenance trials, FMU regeneration, post-forest fire scenarios, cane and bamboo, forest seed trees and NWFP.

Mr C B Rai is remembered for his silent nature, but his presence made a pleasant ambience in the workplace as a silent-hardworking forester.  UWICER family will miss him and his silent radiance in the office. “For all the dedication and hard work you have invested, you deserve the best retirement with everlasting good health and peace. We thank you for your integrity and dedication!”