Training on Human Wildlife Interaction

A training on human wildlife interaction (HWI) was conducted by the institute in collaboration with the Nature Conservation Division of the Department of Forests and Park Services at Zhingkham Resort, Punakha from 22 to 25 March 2021. The training course was attended by 31 forestry officials from different field offices representing territorial forest divisions and parks. [Read More...]

Training on Butterfly and Moth survey and identification

A two-day training on Butterfly and Moth survey and identification was organized for the field staff of Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary (BWS) and nearby Range staff of Trashigang Forest Division on 24th and 25th of March, 2021. The event was conducted at BWS headquarter in Trashiyangtse. Butterfly enthusiast, Karma Wangdi and two other colleagues from UWICER imparted the basic knowledge on Butterfly, including a practical exercise on sample collection and mounting in the field. The team also presented and discussed survey methodologies for the upcoming field survey to explore on the host plants used by the national butterfly Bhutanitis ludlowi, general butterfly and moth diversity within BWS. The training has been funded by the Bhutan for Life project. [Read More...]

Nursery and Plantation Management Training

Foresters from across the country are at the Institute attending Nursery and Plantation Management Training and sharing their invaluable vast expanse of nursery based experiences accrued while working with the Department. The training started off with keynote address from Head, Education and Capacity Building Section (ECBS) and cross-introduction of participants in duet, expression of expectations from the participants, presentation of training overview and registration of individuals in Google Classroom. [Read More...]

Bhutan Annual Waterbird Count

Bhutan Annual Waterbird Count is a citizen-science initiative as a part of the Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) forming a bigger part of the global International Waterbird Census (IWC). This citizen-science program is supporting the conservation and management of wetlands and waterbirds worldwide. [Read More...]


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